Deciding on a School for your Child

St Francis de Sales School acknowledges that choosing a school is an important decision for parents to make. All schools are required to teach programmes that meet The New Zealand Curriculum so often the decision comes down to other factors such as

  • best fit for the child
  • the Special Character of the school (values, uniform
  • the feel or tone of the school
  • previous family connection with the school
  • extra-curricular activities
  • the school’s ERO report
  • community perceptions of a school
  • continuation onto intermediate years (years 7&8)

We support parents in the process of investigating our school for their children through offering interviews with the Principal and the Team Leader of the junior syndicate. We also suggest that prospective parents firstly agree about what sort of schooling they are seeking, talk with community members, read the school ERO report, visit the school and talk with staff at their preschool or kindergarten. We do not allow classroom observations as part of this process as they are disruptive to the class learning programme and risk breaching the privacy of the students.

Once you and your whanau have made your decision and wish to enrol, follow the steps on how to enrol here. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the St Francis de Sales School community.

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